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Dear Knife Dealers,

Thank you for visiting our wholesale website and your interest in carrying Japanese knives.


We have been in knife export business for 40 years by representing selected knife makers in Seki-City of Japanese knife capital. As you know, Seki made knives have gained a great reputation in the marketplace for its quality, design and function, but most of the knives were customersf brands (O.E.M.) such as Spyderco, SOG, Cold Steel, Browning, Beretta, Kershaw etc.


However, the market situation has much changed in these years. Due to the high cost of Japanese knives, most of our O.E.M. customers have switched to Taiwan and China as well as the Americafs major manufacturers such as Gerber and Buck. This has made the current knife market flooded with the me-too like cheap copies of knives from China, Taiwan, Pakistan etc. The end users are getting tired of them and started seeking something different and higher end knives.


Now itfs time for you to carry the mid to high end Japanese quality knives to discriminate your store from the competitors. But the problem is you can no longer find proper importers and distributors who carry and supply Japanese knives.


We are here to provide you with quality Japanese brand knives direct from Japan at the great saving direct wholesale prices with no middleman. The brands include Mcusta, Hattori, Seki-Cut, Hiro, I.C.Cut, Kanetsune, Takeshi Saji, Masahiro, Ryusen, Hayabusa, Misono, Tojiro etc. Most of these Japanese domestic brands knives were not available in overseas markets.


You will be concerned about the complicated import procedures and high minimum order to buy directly from Japan. However, you will be surprised that it is amazing simple and easy, just like buying from your local distributors. Please look at the gOrder Infoh for easy ordering and payment, and try to enhance your store with quality Japanese knives to satisfy your high end customers.


Thank you for your support and look forward to serving you soon.


All the best,


Jemmy Iwahara

Kencrest / JKW


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